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The first cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin, was first mined in 2009. The blockchain technology, the technology behind the cryptocurrencies, was implemented to create the Bitcoin. The blockchain is a concept developed in 1998. After the first mined Bitcoin, a lot of new cryptocurrencies have popped up. There are a lot of different types of cryptocurrencies. Also the blockchain technology has developed since 1998. Therefore, each cryptocurrency is different, and attracts a different audience.

Since the different cryptocurrencies represent a large value, a lot of people are attracted to these currencies. And since you are visiting Crypto Indicators, you are one of them.

Why Crypto Indicators was founded

Crypto Indicators was founded to shed light on the different cryptocurrencies. The development of of the price trends of the cryptocurrencies can indicate a future trend. Therefore, we are developing different kinds of analysis and indicators to get insights into the price developments. We use not only technical analysis - like these are being used within the financial industry -, but also event analysis - like analysis on weekdays.

What can we do for you

As mentioned, Crypto Indicators develops new indicators for cryptocurrency fanatics, investors and speculators. The aim is to help you get insights into the different cryptocurrencies. Since the cryptocurrencies are a financial instrument, the assumption is that Crypto Indicators helps you to make your cryptocurrency buy and sell decisions.

We offer different indicators on different cryptocurrencies, like the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Ethereum and Dash.

The status of Crypto Indicators

Developing of new analytics and indicators is our core activity. This means that Crypto Indicators is being updated regularly.

What can you do for us

We are building Crypto Indicators for you. We love to develop new insights.

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